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Series: Family Strengthening Series
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Functional Family TherapyTop  
 December 2000. This bulletin chronicles the 30-year evolution of Functional Family Therapy (FFT), sets forth the program's core principles, goals, and techniques, and reviews its research foundations. 8 pages. NCJ 184743.
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Nurturing Parenting ProgramsTop  
 November 2000. Family intervention programs, referred to as Nurturing Parenting Programs and funded by OJJDP, are designed to improve the skills of parents and to provide resources to families and communities. 12 pages. NCJ 172848.
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Competency Training: The Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14Top  
 August 2000. This bulletin describes the characteristics and assesses the effectiveness of the Strengthening Families Program (SFP), a 7-week curriculum designed to bring parents together with their 10- to 14-year-old children, with the goal of reducing substance abuse and other problem behaviors in the youth. 11 pages. NCJ 182208.
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The Incredible Years Training SeriesTop  
 July 2000. This bulletin presents an overview of the Incredible Years Training Series program, which is designed to prevent, reduce, and treat conduct problems among children and to increase their social competence. 24 pages. NCJ 173422.
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Brief Strategic Family TherapyTop  
 April 2000. This bulletin describes brief strategic family therapy, an intensive, short-term, problem-focused intervention that addresses minority youth and families in Miami, FL. 12 pages. NCJ 179285.
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Family Skills Training for Parents and ChildrenTop  
 April 2000. This bulletin features the Strengthening Families Program (SFP), which reflects research in the most effective interventions for building parent, child, and family skills. 12 pages. NCJ 180140.
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Families and Schools Together: Building RelationshipsTop  
 November 1999. Using parent-professional collaborative teams, the OJJDP-sponsored Families and Schools Together (FAST) program systematically reaches out to entire families and organizes multifamily groups to increase parent involvement with at-risk youth. 20 pages. NCJ 173423.
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Preparing for the Drug Free YearsTop  
 July 1999. This Bulletin provides an overview of the PDFY (Preparing for the Drug Free Years) parenting program and summarizes results of studies of the program. 12 pages. NCJ 173408.
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Parents Anonymous: Strengthening FamiliesTop  
 April 1999. This paper describes the organizational structure, program components, participant profile, group model, and benefits of Parents Anonymous (PA), which is a national child abuse prevention organization. 12 pages. NCJ 171120.
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Preventing Violence the Problem-Solving WayTop  
 April 1999. Based on more than 20 years of research on specific interpersonal cognitive problem-solving (ICPS) skills, intervention methods were developed to test the hypothesis that behavior can be modified by focusing on thinking processes rather than on behaviors themselves. 12 pages. NCJ 172847.
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Treatment Foster CareTop  
 December 1998. This paper describes treatment foster care (TFC), an alternative to corrections and group care facilities for juvenile offenders. 12 pages. NCJ 173421.
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Effective Family Strengthening InterventionsTop  
 November 1998. This bulletin summarizes research on the crucial role of the family in preventing juvenile delinquency, the principles of effective family strengthening interventions to prevent juvenile delinquency and child abuse, and OJJDP's Strengthening America's Families Initiative. 16 pages. NCJ 171121.
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