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Series: Serious and Violent Juvenile Offending Series
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2000 | 1999 All Publications 
Race, Ethnicity, and Serious and Violent Juvenile OffendingTop  
 June 2000. This bulletin describes the short-term national trends for offending patterns among juveniles by race and ethnicity and summarizes research findings on racial and ethnic differences in chronic juvenile offending; recommendations are offered for improving understanding of these differences, and implications are discussed for guiding prevention and intervention efforts. 8 pages. NCJ 181202.
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Prevention of Serious and Violent Juvenile OffendingTop  
 April 2000. This bulletin describes some of the developmental precursors for serious and violent juvenile offending and describes effective approaches for its prevention that focus on family, parent, and child. 16 pages. NCJ 178898.
Predictors of Youth ViolenceTop  
 April 2000. This bulletin describes a number of risk and protective factors that produce or prevent youth violence. 12 pages. NCJ 179065.
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Effective Intervention for Serious Juvenile OffendersTop  
 April 2000. This Bulletin describes a meta-analysis that addresses the following questions: Can intervention programs reduce recidivism rates among serious juvenile delinquents? If so, what types of programs are most effective? 8 pages. NCJ 181201.
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School and Community Interventions To Prevent Serious and Violent OffendingTop  
 October 1999. The Study Group on Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders concludes that timely comprehensive school-based and community-based interventions hold the greatest potential for preventing serious violent juvenile offending. 12 pages. NCJ 177624.
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