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DMC Virtual Resource Center

The DMC Virtual Resource Center is a forum for state and local DMC Coordinators, State Advisory Group members, Juvenile Justice Specialists, Compliance Monitors, practitioners, and other juvenile justice system stakeholders to access a variety of tools and resources to help support their state and local DMC efforts. This forum is designed to provide opportunities for these individuals to network with their peers and with OJJDP for the exchange of information and ideas, technical DMC resources, DMC based training materials and templates, and DMC events and new practice standards.

DMC Technical Assistance Manual

The Disproportionate Minority Contact Technical Assistance Manual, 4th Edition provides detailed guidance on DMC identification, monitoring, assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Its intended audience is Juvenile Justice Specialists, members of State Planning Agencies and State Advisory Groups, DMC researchers and consultants, and policymakers and practitioners involved in the juvenile justice system at the state and local levels.

DMC Reduction Best Practices Database

As an integral part of OJJDP's Model Programs Guide, the DMC Reduction Best Practices Database is a collection of programs and strategies that have made a documented impact on reducing DMC.

OJJDP invites nominations of effective DMC reduction initiatives for inclusion in the database. The database, which is part of OJJDP's Model Programs Guide, is an ongoing effort that includes best practices regardless of funding sources. Programs that have been in operation for at least 2 years are eligible for nomination if data documenting effectiveness are available. Questions may be addressed to Marcia Cohen, Development Services Group, at mcohen@dsgonline.com or 301-951-0056.

DMC Web-Based Data Entry System

This Web-based data entry system enables states and localities to enter raw data on activities at different juvenile justice decision points by race and ethnicity to calculate the extent of DMC as expressed by the Relative Rate Indexes. It provides a central repository of state and local data and facilitates within state and locality comparisons of DMC trends from over 900 local jurisdictions. This feature will enable state and local jurisdictions to compare their data with overall patterns from other jurisdictions with similar demographics, thus enhancing analysis of Relative Rate Index (RRI) values. Requests for passwords to use the system can be accessed directly at the link listed above. Once approved registrants will receive a confirmation email. For assistance with the registering or using the system please contact andrea.coleman@usdoj.gov.

National DMC Databook

OJJDP has added a National Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Databook to its Statistical Briefing Book. The DMC Databook enables users to review the processing of delinquency cases within the juvenile justice system and assess levels of disproportionate minority contact at various decision points. It includes national data for 1990-2010, which can then be compared with local data.

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