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Interstate Commission for Juveniles Invites Comments on Proposed Rules

August 24, 2010

Interstate Commission for Juveniles seal

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles has issued a request for public comment on proposed rules relevant to the implementation of the Interstate Compact on Juveniles, including rules addressing juvenile sex offenders being sent across state lines and probable cause hearings in receiving states for juveniles who are subject to retaking for violation of conditions of supervision that may result in a revocation in sending states. 

The Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ) is a multistate agreement that provides the procedural means to regulate the movement across state lines of juveniles who are under court supervision.

Written comments should be submitted to:

    Ashley Lippert, Executive Director
    Interstate Commission for Juveniles
    2760 Research Park Drive
    Lexington, KY 40511
    alippert@csg.org (e-mail)
    859-244-8029 (office)
    859-244-8001 (fax).

The deadline for sending comments is September 13, 2010, the date of a public hearing scheduled for San Antonio, TX.


For additional information about the proposed rules, the procedure for submitting comments, and the public hearing, visit the Commission's Web site at www.juvenilecompact.org.