How To Apply

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) requires applicants to submit applications for funding through OJP's Grants Management System (GMS). Access through the Internet to this online application system expedites and streamlines the receipt, review, and processing of requests for funding. Final applications will only be accepted through the GMS online application system.

Beginning October 1, 2003, a Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number must be included in every application for a new award or renewal of an award. An application will not be considered complete until a valid DUNS number is provided by the applicant. Individuals who would personally receive a grant or cooperative agreement from the federal government are exempt from this requirement. Organizations should verify that they have a DUNS number or take the steps necessary to obtain one as soon as possible. Applicants can receive a DUNS number at no cost by calling the dedicated toll-free DUNS number request line at 800–333–0505. When calling the toll-free number, inform the operator that you are in the process of applying for a federal grant or cooperative agreement; this will ensure you are not charged for the processing of your DUNS number.

To learn how to begin the online application process, please see the Step-by-Step Guide to OJP's Grants Management System. Please note that files attached to applications submitted online in GMS must be in the following formats: Microsoft Word (.doc), PDF files (.pdf), or text documents (.txt). A toll-free telephone number (888–549–9901) has been established to provide applicants with technical assistance as they work through the online application process.

Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Applicants must obtain a DUNS number prior to registration.
  • Applicants must register on GMS, prior to applying for this cooperative agreement, by 8:00 p.m. ET, May 27, 2004.
  • Applicants must submit completed applications by 8:00 p.m. ET, June 1, 2004.

Mailed and/or faxed applications or materials will not be considered.

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