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    Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program
JABG Funding

Applications for JABG funds are available through each state’s designated JABG agency. Units of local government (city, county, township, or other political subdivision) or tribal governments can apply through their designated state agency. To maximize resources, participants are required to form coalitions that will develop recommendations for expenditure of funds.

There are some specific requirements:

  • A local Advisory Board must be formed. At a minimum, the Advisory Board must include representatives from the police, sheriff, prosecutor, state or local probation services, juvenile court, schools, business, and religious, fraternal, nonprofit, or social services organizations involved in crime prevention.

  • The Advisory Board must develop a Coordinated Enforcement Plan (CEP) for reducing juvenile crime.

  • The application must include proposed expenditures that fall within the 17 program purpose areas.

  • Applicants must agree to provide 10 percent of the total funds to be expended (cash match); or if the application is related to construction of corrections facilities, 50 percent of the required funds.

Funding amounts for tribes or units of local government are based on a formula that takes into account local criminal justice expenditures and the level of violent crime. The JABG Technical Support Center, operated by the Justice Research and Statistics Association, provides comprehensive assistance to states in calculating JABG allocations to local jurisdictions.

For eligibility information, please contact your state agency or your OJJDP State Representative. Detailed guidelines for applicants are available in the Guidance Manual.

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