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    Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program
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Guides and Reports

Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Program: National Evaluation
Authors: Dale Parent and Liz Barnett
Publication date: September 2003

This 112-page report presents findings from a 4-year national study evaluating implementation of the JAIBG program. It draws on site visits, interviews, case studies, surveys, and other sources to describe how OJJDP, states, and local jurisdictions implemented JAIBG and expended program funds during fiscal years 1998, 1999, and 2000. It also evaluates the effects of JAIBG on juvenile justice policy and practices and offers recommendations.

Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program Guidance Manual 2007
Author: Gregory Thompson
Publication date: 2007

This 25-page publication was designed to help states apply for, receive, obligate, and expend funds provided under the JABG program. It includes an overview of the program, details of the application and award processes, and definitions.

Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants Strategic Planning Guide (Summary)
Authors: Anna A. Danegger, Carol E. Cohen, Cheryl D. Hayes, and Gwen A. Holden
Publication date: 1999

This 52-page guide describes the JAIBG program and provides practical advice and recommendations to states and units of local government eligible to receive JAIBG funds. The guide identifies the 12 program areas that JAIBG funds may be used to develop, lists program implementation activities, explains the role of juvenile crime enforcement coalitions in securing grants, and discusses principles for ensuring accountability in the juvenile justice systems. Through summaries of several recent state and local juvenile justice initiatives, the guide illustrates how the principles being discussed may be applied.

Status of the States: Implementation of the JAIBG Program
Publication date: July 2002

This 70-page report documents the progress of the JAIBG program at the federal and state level. It provides an analysis of state progress in the implementation of the JAIBG program and a review of the role of the federal government in the JAIBG program. The report is divided into two sections: a summary of state progress and descriptions of each state’s implementation in fiscal years 2000 and 2001.


Changes to OJJDP's Juvenile Accountability Program
Authors: Chyrl Andrews and Lynn Marble
Publication Date: 2003

Presents an overview of recent changes in OJJDP's juvenile accountability program. Offers point-by-point comparisons between JABG and JAIBG provisions and answers frequently asked questions.

Fact Sheets

An Overview of the JAIBG Program
Author: Cecilia Duquela
Publication date: 2001

Provides a brief overview of the JAIBG program.

JRSA Helps States Determine Local JAIBG Allocations
Author: Lisa Walbolt
Publication date: 2001

Describes the JAIBG Technical Support Center, which is operated by the Juvenile Research and Statistics Association (JRSA) and helps states calculate the amount of JAIBG funds to distribute to, or spend on behalf of, eligible local jurisdictions. Also provides information on JAIBG passthrough requirements, assistance available from JRSA, data sources for the JAIBG Technical Support Center, and the state data pages on the Support Center’s Web site.

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