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Training & Technical Assistance

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    Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program
JABG Training and Technical Assistance

JABG training and technical assistance support is available from OJJDP’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC).

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Supported by NTTAC, the JABG training program provides field-responsive services to the JABG professional community.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance (TA) is a process of providing help to resolve issues in the implementation of an accountability-based sanctions system. NTTAC can provide or arrange linkages for several types of technical support. This assistance may be provided to federal and state agencies, units of local governments, law enforcement, the judiciary, corrections personnel, and other community agencies responsible for juvenile justice.

Requesting technical assistance. Technical expertise continues to be available to strengthen and improve systems in any of the JABG purpose areas. The process for technical assistance requests begins with the State JABG Coordinator. Every TA request (including specific requests from subgrantees) must be submitted to the State JABG Coordinator, who will forward the request to the OJJDP State Representative. The OJJDP State Representative, together with the OJJDP NTTAC grant manager, will review the request and forward it to NTTAC. At that point, NTTAC will contact the State JABG Coordinator to conduct an indepth needs assessment of the request.

To request technical assistance, download the technical assistance request form. You may also request assistance by contacting your State JABG Coordinator. To initiate a basic information or document request, forward your inquiry to tta@nttac.org.

Recent technical assistance events. The JABG Training and Technical Assistance program recently conducted a variety of TA events at the request of state agencies in Alabama, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, and Ohio. (more)

Performance Measures

OJJDP has developed a system to measure the effectiveness of the JABG program. The system comprises a list of 289 carefully defined performance indicators organized around the 17 JABG program purpose areas. The list was developed to allow all JABG-funded projects to find at least one output, one short-term outcome, and one intermediate-term outcome performance indicator applicable to their specific activities. Through a process of reviewing existing literature about the JABG program (such as the Best Practices Bulletin Series) and gathering feedback from JABG grantees, these key indicators were selected to measure the accomplishment of the most important objectives of the JABG program.

In addition to the list of performance indicators, states have been provided with supporting documentation and training materials, including talking points that state staff can use when working with subgrantees, definitions of important terms, guidelines for using each indicator, and a crosswalk between the recently enacted 17 JABG purpose areas and the previous (but still active) 12 JAIBG purpose areas.

OJJDP is currently developing a Web-based automated tool for collecting data submitted at all levels and aggregating it at the overall JABG program level. The first reporting period is October 1, 2003 through March 31, 2004. The initial state-level data are due to OJJDP by June 30, 2004. Future reports will be for a 1-year period, April 1 to March 31.

Other Resources

The JABG program also provides assistance through best practices publications and technical assistance resource guides.

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