The Training and Education Component

To provide relevant information on DMC to juvenile justice practitioners, youth workers, public officials, and the general public, a number of training and educational opportunities have been developed that create awareness of the issue and focus attention on possible solutions. The Juvenile Court Judges' Commission (JCJC) offers periodic training for judges and probation staff on managing cultural diversity. In 1992, JCJC's annual statewide training conference had as its theme Crime, Kids, and Color: The Issue of Race and Juvenile Justice. The first DMC-related conference, Crisis of Minority Overrepresentation, was held in Philadelphia in January 1993. A second conference, Promising Approaches: Prevention and Intervention Services for Minority Youth, was held in Harrisburg in May 1997. This was recently followed by a third conference, Promising Approaches II: Building Blocks for Prevention and Intervention Services for Minority Youth, in Pittsburgh in May 1998. The goal of the most recent conferences was to highlight the proactive approach Pennsylvania has taken on the DMC issue, focus on effective use of media, and feature both the prevention and intervention programs and coalitions funded by PCCD and the many other State programs that have an impact on minority delinquency.

Disproportionate Minority Confinement: 1997 Update Juvenile Justice Bulletin   ·  September 1998