Related Readings

In addition to the Youth Gang Bulletin series, other gang-related publications, sponsored by OJJDP and other Office of Justice Programs agencies, are available from the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse (JJC). These publications include:

Youth Gangs: An Overview. 1998. NCJ 167249.

A Comprehensive Response to America's Youth Gang Problem (Fact Sheet). March 1997. FS 009640.

1995 National Youth Gang Survey (Program Summary). August 1997. NCJ 164728.

Youth Gangs (Fact Sheet). December 1997. FS 009772.

Gang Members and Delinquent Behavior (Bulletin). 1997. NCJ 165154.

Addressing Community Gang Problems: A Model for Problem Solving (Monograph). 1997. NCJ 156059.

Highlights of the 1995 National Youth Gang Survey (Fact Sheet). 1997. FS 009763.

Urban Street Gang Enforcement (Monograph). 1997. NCJ 161845.

Prosecuting Gangs: A National Assessment (Research in Brief). 1995. NCJ 151785.

Street Gangs and Drug Sales in Two Suburban Cities (Research in Brief). 1995. NCJ 155185.

Gang Suppression and Intervention: Community Models (Research Summary). 1994. NCJ 148202.

Gang Suppression and Intervention: Problem and Response (Research Summary). 1994. NCJ 149629.

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