For Further Information

For further information, contact Parents Anonymous, Inc., 675 West Foothill Boulevard, Suite 220, Claremont, CA 91711, 909-621-6184, 909-625-6304 (fax), (e-mail).

The following publications and resources are available for free (individual copies):

Bullet Innovations. The Parents AnonymousSM organizational newsletter distributed throughout the national network and to other professionals, organizations, policymakers, and parents.
Bullet The Parent Networker. A newsletter published twice each year by and for parents that is distributed to all parents participating in Parents AnonymousSM groups.
Bullet Strengthening Families in Partnership With Communities. A general information brochure that provides an overview of Parents AnonymousSM principles and the program model (1997).

The following publications are available for $15 each:

Bullet Parent Leadership: A Voice for Change. A media bulletin designed for parents, professionals, and community volunteers who want to use the media and public speaking opportunities as a means to reach out to other parents, educate the community, and help shape policies affecting families and children (1997).
Bullet Parents Anonymous: The Model for Effective Parent Education. A program bulletin to help professionals, volunteers, and parents use the program in the best way possible (1997).

The following publications are provided only to recognized Parents AnonymousSM programs:

Bullet I Am a Parents AnonymousSM Parent. A handbook given to all parents who attend Parents AnonymousSM groups (1998).
Bullet Manual for Group Facilitators. A manual used in training group facilitators that provides an indepth discussion of the program model, the roles of the facilitator and parent group leader, issues of group development, and clinical issues that may arise in a group (1993).
Bullet The Parent Group Leader. A brief introduction to the role of the parent group leader (1993).
Bullet Strategies for Best Practice. A useful manual for developing Parents AnonymousSM groups; it highlights strategies that respond to the unique strengths and needs of individual communities (1997).
Bullet Strengthening America's Families. A video that captures the success stories of several Parents AnonymousSM families who have demonstrated enormous courage and tenacity to change their lives (1996).

Parents AnonymousSM Juvenile Justice Bulletin   ·  April 1999