Table 3: IAP Eligibility and Selection

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Eligibility Criteria Colorado Nevada Virginia
Legal status Committed Committed Committed
County of residence Denver, Arapahoe, Jefferson Clark (Las Vegas) City of Norfolk
Facility placement Lookout Mountain Caliente Beaumont
Hanover (since 3/97)
Risk of reoffending High risk High risk High risk
Gender Males Males Males
Age 12-18 12-18 13-18 (16-18 prior to 3/97)
Excluded offenses None Sex offenders Murder, rape, arson (with determinant commitment to age 21)
Excluded conditions Severe mental health problems; developmental disabilities. Severe mental health or medical problems. Pending charges or sentence in adult court; potential rescinded commitment; severe mental health or substance abuse problems; prior IAP.
Location and timing of selection At separate diagnostic facility; after completion of 30-day assessment and classification process and facility placement decision. While in local detention; prior to assessment and classification process. (IAP selection determines facility placement.) At separate diagnostic facility; after 60-day assessment/classification process and facility placement decision.
Number of youth, randomized to 11/30/98      
   IAP 82 104 76
   Control 68 108 45
   Total 150 212 121

Source: Weibush, McNulty, and Le, 1998.

Reintegration, Supervised Release, and Intensive Aftercare Juvenile Justice Bulletin   ·  July 1999