Table 4: IAP Management and Staffing*

 IAP Site
Component Colorado Nevada Virginia
Administrative agency Colorado Division of Youth Corrections Nevada Youth Parole Bureau Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice
Program coordinator DYC Community Services Coordinator (central office) Clark County Parole Unit Manager (local office) Parole Services Manager (central office)
Primary IAP staff



3 IAP Client Managers

IAP Institutional/ Community Liaison**

2 IAP Case Managers
2 Field Agents
Parole Unit Manager
Education Liaison

2 IAP Case Managers**

3 IAP Parole Officers
Parole Aide**

Other key staff Cedar Cottage Treatment Team Coordinator
4 Group Leaders
1-3 MSW Interns
IAP Researcher
"B" Cottage Manager
IAP Data Coordinator
Reception/Diagnostic Facility IAP Case Manager
Data Coordinator
IAP staff/client ratio***


Client Managers: 1/18 (18 = in + out)

Liaison: 1/22 (in)

Parole Officer + Agent: 2/20 (out)

Case Manager: 1/15 (in)

Parole Officer 1/15 (in + out)

Source: Weibush, McNulty, and Le, 1998.
Note: "in" = in the institution; "out" = in the community.
*Data current as of 5/31/98.
**The position is funded by OJJDP through the IAP grant.
***Staff/client ratios shown are based on program design.

Reintegration, Supervised Release, and Intensive Aftercare Juvenile Justice Bulletin   ·  July 1999