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Recognizing When a Child's Injury or Illness Is Caused by Abuse (July 2006, NCJ 214125)
This portable guide provides information that will help the police determine whether a child's injuries are accidental or intentional.  PDF
Battered Child Syndrome: Investigating Physical Abuse and Homicide (December 2002, NCJ 161406)
This portable guide describes the circumstances that point to the willful rather than the accidental injury or death of an infant or child, the evidence required to prove it, and the techniques for obtaining such evidence.  PDF
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Child Sexual Abuse (December 2002, NCJ 160940)
This portable guide discusses how the presence of a sexually transmitted disease in a child can be used to assist in identifying or eliminating suspects in child sexual abuse cases.  PDF
Burn Injuries in Child Abuse (June 2001, NCJ 162424)
This portable guide assists in distinguishing between burns that were intentionally inflicted on a child and burns resulting from accidental contact with hot objects.  PDF
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