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Intake disposition
Intake dispositions may include a voluntary referral to a social agency for services, informal probation, or the payment of fines or some form of voluntary restitution. Case dispositions include the following categories:

Placement-Cases in which youth were placed in a residential facility for delinquents or status offenders, or cases in which youth were otherwise removed from their homes and placed elsewhere.

Probation-Cases in which youth were placed on informal/voluntary supervision.

Other-Miscellaneous dispositions not included above. These include fines, restitution, community service, referrals outside the court for services with minimal or no further court involvement anticipated, and dispositions coded as "other" in a jurisdiction's original data.

Dismissed-Cases dismissed or otherwise released (including those warned and counseled) with no further sanction or consequence anticipated. Among cases handled informally (see "manner of handling"), some cases may be dismissed by the juvenile court because the matter is being handled in another court or agency.