1. What are the User's Guides to the Data Sets?

  2. Instructions for viewing Adobe Acrobat files

  3. What is the difference between Annual Disposition data sets
    and Birth Cohort data sets?

What are the User's Guides to the Data Sets?

A user's guide is a technical manual containing information about a data set (e.g., record layout, variables contained in it, and code values). It contains the documentation needed to read and manipulate the data using a statistical software package. Each manual has a section in it titled "Using the Codebook." This section of the user's guide uses a typical variable as an example of the information that appears in the user's guide (e.g., format information needed to read the data into other systems, description of variable contents, and code values).

When the user's guide for a data set is not available, only the variable list will be displayed.