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In Missouri, truancy, being a runaway, disobeying the reasonable commands of a parent or guardian, engaging in behavior injurious to the child’s or others welfare, if the child is charged with an offense not classified as criminal, or with an offense applicable only to children are all status offense behaviors. The juvenile court shall not have jurisdiction over any child 15 ˝ years of age who is alleged to have violated a state or municipal traffic ordinance or regulation, the violation of which does not constitute a felony, or any child who is alleged to have violated a state or municipal ordinance or regulation prohibiting possession or use of any tobacco product. The upper age for delinquency jurisdiction is 16, while the upper age for status offense jurisdiction is 17. The lower age for delinquency jurisdiction and status offense jurisdiction is not specified.

Status offense cases are classified as status offenders. Juvenile and family courts are divisions of the circuit court that have jurisdiction over status offenders. The circuit court has jurisdiction over delinquents. A court may extend jurisdiction until a juvenile reaches 21.