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In Wyoming, habitual truancy, being a run away, habitual disobedience of reasonable and lawful demands of a parent or guardian, being ungovernable, being beyond control, and committing an offense which if committed by an adult would not constitute in a criminal offense or a violation of a municipal ordinance (except for alcohol laws) are status offense behaviors. The upper age for delinquency jurisdiction in Wyoming is 17, while the upper age for status offense jurisdiction in Wyoming is 16. The lower age for delinquency jurisdiction and status offense jurisdiction is not specified.

Status offense cases are classified as children in need of services or status offenders. District courts have jurisdiction over status offenders and delinquents in the "juvenile court"; however, district (juvenile) courts share jurisdiction with circuit and municipal courts, which are limited jurisdiction courts, over misdemeanor cases or ordinance violations involving juveniles. A court may extend jurisdiction until a juvenile reaches 21.