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National Gang Center








In October 2009, the National Youth Gang Center, which had been funded by the OJJDP since 1995, merged with the National Gang Center, which had been funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance since 2003. This new partnership recognizes that street gang activities transcend ages of the members and that a balanced, comprehensive approach is needed to reduce gang involvement and levels of gang crime. Consolidation of the centers has leveraged resources and resulted in a single, more efficient entity, responsive to the needs of researchers, practitioners, and the public.
Training and Technical AssistanceTop  
The National Gang Center provides training and technical assistance to communities around the country. Information and resources to assist communities in responding to gangs are available on the Center's Web site.
OJJDP Contact(s)

Dennis Mondoro
Senior Policy Advisor

Policy and Procedure Contact(s)
National Gang Center
Institute for Intergovernmental Research
P.O. Box 12729
Tallahassee, FL 32317
850-386-5356 (fax)
OJJDP Publication(s)
Best Practices To Address Community Gang Problems: OJJDP's Comprehensive Gang Model
June 2008. Based on the Comprehensive Gang Model ("the Model") developed by OJJDP and its recent testing by OJJDP's Gang Reduction Program (GRP), this report provides guidance for communities on how best to address an existing or emerging youth gang problem. 74 pages. NCJ 222799.
PDF(0.99 MB) 
Female Gangs: A Focus on Research
March 2001. This bulletin summarizes research on female gangs and draws attention to programmatic and research needs. 12 pages. NCJ 186159.
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Highlights of the 2011 National Youth Gang Survey
September 2013. This fact sheet presents findings from the National Gang Center's National Youth Gang Survey. 4 pages. NCJ 242884.
Hybrid and Other Modern Gangs
December 2001. This bulletin describes the nature of modern youth gangs, particularly hybrid gangs. 8 pages. NCJ 189916.
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Youth Gang Homicides in the 1990ís
March 2001. This fact sheet provides an overview of youth gang homicides in the 1990's. 2 pages. FS 200103.
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