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     Causes and Correlates of Delinquency
    (CCD) - Data Access

Access to Data From
OJJDP's Program of Research on the Causes and Correlates of Delinquency

To safeguard the confidentiality of subjects, access to data from the three studies constituting OJJDP's Program of Research on the Causes and Correlates of Delinquency is constrained to the following access procedures. For further information, please contact the party indicated for each site.

Denver Youth Survey

Access to data from the first five waves of the Denver Youth Survey (DYS) (1988-1992) is available to bona fide researchers at DYS offices in Boulder, CO, and via e-mail as part of the DYS Remote Analysis Data Center. Access to waves 6-10 (1995-1999) will be available in the future. To facilitate automated access and enhance accessibility, an interactive Internet-based system is under development. Persons seeking access to DYS data should contact Dr. David Huizinga, Principal Investigator, at huizinga@coloradeo.edu or 303-492-1266 or Amanda Elliott, Professional Research Assistant, at Amanda.Elliott@colorado.edu.

Pittsburgh Youth Study

Access to data from the Pittsburgh Youth Study (PYS) is restricted to qualified scholars. Customarily only a segment of the database is available for secondary data analysis. In each case, a one-page research plan, detailing the principal questions to be addressed, selection criteria for dependent and independent variables, number of waves, etc., must be submitted. If a proposal for secondary data analysis is approved, scholars are required to sign a confidentiality statement, guaranteeing that participants' anonymity will be protected. Persons seeking access to PYS data should contact Dr. Rolf Loeber, Principal Investigator, at loeberr@msx.upmc.edu or 412-647-7118.

Rochester Youth Development Study

Access to data from the Rochester Youth Development Study (RYDS) is restricted to qualified scholars whose home institution's Institutional Review Boardcertifies that their use of the data conforms to all provisions in the protection of human subjects. In each case, a data request application that includes an abstract of theproposed research, a list of the specific data elementsbeing requested, publication plans, and similar information, must be submitted.Theapplication packetfor data accessis available on request. Persons seeking access to RYDS data should contact Dr. Terence Thornberry, Principal Investigator, at terence.thornberry@colorado.edu or 303-735-3065 or Pamela Porter, Research Coordinator, at p.porter@albany.edu or 518-442-5601.

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