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Series: Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse
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Law Enforcement Response to Child AbuseTop  
 July 2014. This guide provides information about law enforcementís role in child abuse cases, from the initial call, through the investigation, to the court proceedings. 22 pages. NCJ 243907.
Recognizing When a Child's Injury or Illness Is Caused by AbuseTop  
 July 2014. This guide provides information about the many indicators of child maltreatment and abuse to help first responders and investigators differentiate between physical abuse and accidental injury. 28 pages. NCJ 243908.
Portable Guides to Investigating Child AbuseTop  
 May 2007. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Preventionís Portable Guides series provides practical information on investigating child abuse and neglect. 2 pages. LT000527.
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Use of Computers in the Sexual Exploitation of Children, Second EditionTop  
 December 2006. This guide provides information to law enforcement officers regarding child predators who use the internet to exploit children and best practices for investigations involving computer evidence. 40 pages. NCJ 214167.
Interviewing Child Witnesses and Victims of Sexual AbuseTop  
 July 2006. This guide provides practical information for law enforcement officers, child protection workers, child abuse investigators, and others whose work involves obtaining information from children who may be victims or witnesses of child sexual abuse. 24 pages. NCJ 214124.
Photodocumentation in the Investigation of Child AbuseTop  
 April 2006. This guide provides suggestions for the selection and use of camera equipment, film, and photographic techniques that are appropriate for recording evidence of a child's physical condition when abuse is suspected. 24 pages. NCJ 214123.
Criminal Investigation of Child Sexual AbuseTop  
 April 2006. This guide provides useful tools to conduct a thorough and objective investigation of suspected cases of child sexual abuse to determine whether they can be substantiated, and if so, to facilitate successful prosecution of perpetrators. 24 pages. NCJ 214371.
Investigating Child FatalitiesTop  
 August 2005. This guide offers law enforcement officers concise, practical information in the effective investigation of child fatalities. 36 pages. NCJ 209764.
PDF (482 KB) 
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Child Sexual AbuseTop  
 December 2002. This booklet discusses how the presence of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) in a child can be used to assist in identifying or eliminating suspects in child sexual abuse cases. NCJ 160940.
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Battered Child Syndrome: Investigating Physical Abuse and HomicideTop  
 December 2002. This guide presents practical information on the circumstances that point to the willful rather than the accidental injury or death of an infant or child and the evidence required to prove it, as well as the techniques for obtaining such evidence. 20 pages. NCJ 161406.
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Burn Injuries in Child AbuseTop  
 June 2001. This booklet contains information to assist in distinguishing between burns that were intentionally inflicted on a child and burns resulting from accidental contact with hot objects. 24 pages. NCJ 162424.
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Child Neglect and Munchausen Syndrome by ProxyTop  
 March 2001. This booklet defines the concept of parental duty, explores the links between poverty and neglect, describes the ways in which children are neglected and in which cases of neglect may be detected, and discusses Munchausen syndrome by proxy. 20 pages. NCJ 161841.
Law Enforcement Response to Child AbuseTop  
 March 2001. This guide provides information needed by law enforcement personnel to ensure consistency in child abuse investigations and offers useful suggestions on how police officers can work with physicians, respond to domestic disturbance calls, and place children in protective custody. 24 pages. NCJ 162425.
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Diagnostic Imaging of Child AbuseTop  
 March 2000. This booklet provides guidelines for the use of diagnostic imaging in medical evaluations designed to determine whether or not an injury is evidence of child abuse. 16 pages. NCJ 161235.
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Forming a Multidisciplinary Team To Investigate Child AbuseTop  
 March 2000. This manual explains the benefits of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) to investigate child abuse and provides advice on forming and operating an effective team. 28 pages. NCJ 170020.
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Overview of the Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse: Update 2000Top  
 Feburary 2000. This bulletin provides an overview of the 13 Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse developed by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. 12 pages. NCJ 178893.
Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse: An OverviewTop  
 June 1997. OJJDP has developed a series of 11 portable guides to assist police officers, social workers, medical personnel, attorneys, judges and others involved in reporting, investigating, and prosecuting child abuse and neglect. 8 pages. NCJ 165153.
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