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OJJDP In Focus Fact Sheet: Disproportionate Minority ContactTop  
 November 2012. This fact sheet provides an overview of OJJDP's efforts to reduce disproportionate minority contact (DMC). The publication includes a description of OJJDP's DMC Reduction Model, which helps states determine whether disproportionality exists and, if it does, guides the establishment of multipronged intervention strategies to ensure equal treatment of all youth. The fact sheet also includes a summary of states' DMC-reduction activities derived from compliance plans submitted in fiscal year 2011. 4 pages. NCJ 239457.
OJJDP's Major Grant ProgramsTop  
 October 2011. This Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) In Focus report presents information on major grant programs offered by OJJDP. 4 pages. NCJ 234072.
OJJDP: An OverviewTop  
 October 2011. This bulletin from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) presents an overview of the work of OJJDP. 4 pages. NCJ 234073.
Girls' DelinquencyTop  
 Feburary 2010. This article outlines OJJDP-sponsored research and programs that focus on girls' delinquency. 4 pages. NCJ 228414.
Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program (OJJDP In Focus)Top  
 October 2009. This fact sheet describes the features of the Federal Juvenile Accountability Block Grants (JABG) Program, which is administered by OJJDP in order to assist States and communities in implementing accountability-based programs. 4 pages. NCJ 226357.
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Community Prevention Grants ProgramTop  
 October 2009. This overview of the Community Prevention Grants program (CPG) - which funds collaborative, community-based delinquency prevention efforts - summarizes the authorizing legislation, eligibility criteria, the award process, performance measures, and training and technical assistance. 4 pages. NCJ 227345.
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Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws ProgramTop  
 October 2009. This article presents an overview of OJJDP's Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) program. 4 pages. NCJ 227469.
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Formula Grants ProgramTop  
 October 2009. This article presents information on OJJDP's Formula Grants program, which supports State and local efforts in planning, operating, and evaluating projects that seek to prevent at-risk youth from entering the juvenile justice system or intervene with first-time and nonserious offenders to provide services that maximize their chances of leading productive, successful lives. 4 pages. NCJ 227470.
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Disproportionate Minority ContactTop  
 October 2009. This OJJDP In Focus article presents information on OJJDP's efforts to address the problem of disproportionate minority contact. 4 pages. NCJ 228306.
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