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Series: Beyond Detention Series
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2014 | 2013 All Publications 
Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among Detained YouthTop  
 July 2014. This bulletin examines rates of suicidal ideation and behaviors, the relationship between suicide attempts and psychiatric disorders, and differences by gender and race/ethnicity. 12 pages. NCJ 243891.
Functional Impairment in Delinquent YouthTop  
 December 2013. This bulletin presents the results of a study examining functional impairment in delinquent youth. 12 pages. NCJ 239996.
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PTSD, Trauma, and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders in Detained YouthTop  
 June 2013. This bulletin presents findings on the prevalence of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among juvenile detainees and PTSD's tendency to co-occur with other psychiatric disorders. 16 pages. NCJ 239603.
Northwestern Juvenile Project: An OverviewTop  
 February 2013. This OJJDP Juvenile Justice Bulletin presents an overview of the Northwestern Juvenile Project, a longitudinal study of drug, alcohol, and psychiatric disorders in a diverse sample of juvenile detainees. 16 pages. NCJ 234522.