Chapter 1: Major Accomplishments in
1996 and 1997


Family Strengthening Program

Helping children grow up in strong, safe families is critical for the future of this country; many families are in need of help. Prevention, early intervention, and effective crisis intervention are crucial elements of a good family support system. However, in many communities one or more of these elements may be missing or existing programs may not be coordinated. In addition, training and technical assistance often are unavailable to community organizations and agencies providing family strengthening services.

OJJDP responded to this need by providing funds to these programs in 1995 for training and technical assistance. During the past 2 years the Office's grantee, the Department of Health Education at the University of Utah, completed a literature review, developed summaries of exemplary programs, and conducted a national search for family strengthening models. Based on a set of strict evaluation criteria, the grantee selected 11 exemplary programs and showcased them at 2 regional conferences in Salt Lake City, UT, and Washington, D.C. The grantee also conducted numerous workshops, produced training guides, and distributed videos of several family strengthening workshops.

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OJJDP Annual Report August 1998