Chapter 2: Sharing Information Is an
OJJDP Priority


OJJDP has seen a surge in requests for information in the past decade, as communities across the Nation struggle to find programs that work. Information exists in the form of research, statistics, and demonstration programs, and OJJDP is working vigorously to get it into the hands of those who can use it. The Office is committed to disseminating information at the grassroots level and produced more than 50 publications in 1997 toward that end.

However, sharing information includes more than producing documents; the information needs to be easily accessible to wide audiences in a variety of formats. During the past 2 years, OJJDP used the following vehicles to disseminate information: publications, videos, CD-ROMs, satellite video-conferences, e-mail, and Internet sites. This chapter highlights OJJDP's key efforts to keep the juvenile justice field informed about major breakthroughs in research and promising programs.

I use your materials constantly for training new volunteers. I also like your Web site and have started downloading documents when I'm in a hurry.

Court Appointed Special Advocate
Portland, OR

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OJJDP Annual Report August 1998