Chapter 2: Sharing Information Is an
OJJDP Priority


Guide to Conflict Resolution Education

Another new publication addresses conflict resolution programs, which schools and youth educators are using to help promote both the individual behavioral changes necessary for responsible citizenship and the systemic changes necessary to ensure a safe learning environment. Conflict Resolution Education: A Guide to Implementing Programs in Schools, Youth-Serving Organizations, and Community and Juvenile Justice Settings provides both basic information and the experience of experts in the field of conflict resolution education programs. It provides information needed to select and implement a conflict resolution program along with examples of quality programs.

The Guide also includes tools to help educators make informed decisions about conflict resolution education programs, a discussion of the principles of these programs, descriptions of four approaches, guidance on how to extend conflict resolution skills beyond the classroom and into the community, a summary of research and evaluations on effective conflict resolution programs, and a list of curriculum resources. OJJDP has distributed more than 14,000 copies of this document. In addition, the Sacramento, CA, school district, assisted by JJC and OJJDP, reprinted 10,000 copies of the manual for distribution to its schools. The Guide is available from JJC.

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OJJDP Annual Report August 1998