The Coach's Playbook Against Drugs
Coach's Pledge

As a coach, I agree to abide by the training rules regarding the use of drugs and to support and enforce all training rules. Given the serious dangers of drug use, I pledge to assist my team members in playing and staying drug free.

To demonstrate my support, I pledge to:

  1. Discuss thoroughly with my team the impact of drug use on athletes.

  2. Ensure that my athletes understand their commitment to training rules and the consequences of violating any of those rules.

  3. Encourage my players and their parents to sign the Student's Pledge and submit their pledges to the athletic director, who will have received a copy of my pledge.

  4. Enforce rules consistently when I learn that training rules have been or are likely to be broken.

  5. Avoid enabling athletes' drug use or other unhealthy habits by ignoring or refusing to deal with a player who has broken the rules.

  6. Provide information and referrals to any student experiencing difficulty with or having concerns about the use of drugs.

  7. Provide assistance to students who are re-entering school or rejoining my team after receiving treatment for drug or alcohol use.

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