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Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative -- International Association of Chiefs of Police and U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), in conjunction with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, provides 15 law enforcement agencies with technical assistance on crime gun interdiction and investigation. The program, developed in cooperation with State, local, and Federal law enforcement agencies, addresses the following aspects of crime gun interdiction and investigation: (1) tracing crime guns, identifying patterns, and focusing enforcement efforts; (2) developing policy and implementing standard operating procedures regarding firearm tracing; (3) understanding the connections among firearms, gangs, and youth violence; (4) developing effective strategies for the interdiction of illegally trafficking firearms; (5) creating a multijurisdictional firearm interdiction and investigation task force; (6) developing and implementing a memorandum of understanding with other agencies; (7) working with firearm dealers to reduce illegal firearm and ammunition sales; and (8)working with the courts to prosecute cases effectively.

Technical assistance is provided by IACP and ATF experts on crime gun interdiction and investigation issues, and during visits to the National Tracing Center. In addition, IACP and ATF assist law enforcement agencies in developing local policies, strategies, and protocols to reduce the illegal flow and availability of crime guns to violent criminals, gang offenders, and juveniles.

Contact information:

Paul E. Bolton
International Association of Chiefs of Police
515 North Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

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