The JAIBG program provides both new challenges and new opportunities for juvenile courts and probation departments. They are challenged to rethink their mission, develop and implement new programs, and coordinate and collaborate with others. Success will require strong leadership from judges, additional staff resources and training for probation departments, and an increased focus on monitoring services and evaluating outcomes.

JAIBG also offers the opportunity for juvenile courts and probation departments to help direct resources toward the development of needed and effective programs; to benefit from the knowledge and dedication of other public, private, and community-based agencies; to provide better services to all clients; and ultimately, to restore the public's faith in the juvenile justice system.

This Bulletin provides initial guidance to courts and probation departments in understanding and incorporating the goal of accountability. The key elements and exemplary programs described here serve as a foundation on which courts and probation departments can build a comprehensive range of services capable of holding all juvenile offenders accountable for their actions.


Focus on Accountability: Best Practices for Juvenile Court and ProbationJAIBG Bulletin   ·  August 1999