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OJJDP produces a variety of publications that range from Fact Sheets and Bulletins to Summaries, Reports, and the Juvenile Justice journal along with videotapes, including broadcasts from the juvenile justice telecommunications initiative. The documents and videotapes are available through a variety of means, including hard copy and online through OJJDPs Web site and the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse (JJC). Fact Sheets and Bulletins are also available through Fax-on-Demand. To ensure timely notice of new publications, subscribe to JUVJUST, OJJDPs electronic mailing list. Contact information for the OJJDP Web site, JJC, and instructions for subscribing to JUVJUST are noted below. In addition, JJC, through the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), is the repository for tens of thousands of criminal and juvenile justice publications and resources from around the world. They are abstracted and made available through a data base, which is searchable online ( database.htm). You are also welcome to submit materials to JJC for inclusion in the data base.

The following list highlights popular and recently published OJJDP documents and videotapes, grouped by topical area.

Corrections and Detention

Beyond the Walls: Improving Conditions of Confinement for Youth in Custody. 1998, NCJ 164727 (116 pp.).

Boot Camps for Juvenile Offenders. 1997, NCJ 164258 (42 pp.).

Conditions of Confinement Teleconference (Video). 1993, NCJ 147531 (90 min.), $14.00.

Effective Programs for Serious, Violent and Chronic Juvenile Offenders Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 160947 (120 min.), $17.00.

Juvenile Arrests 1996. 1997, NCJ 167578 (12 pp.).

Juvenile Boot Camps Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 160949 (120 min.), $17.00.


Has the Juvenile Court Outlived Its Usefulness? Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 163929 (120 min.), $17.00.

Offenders in Juvenile Court, 1995. 1997, NCJ 167885 (12 pp.).

RESTTA National Directory of Restitution and Community Service Programs. 1998, NCJ 166365 (500 pp.), $33.50.

Delinquency Prevention

1996 Report to Congress: Title V Incentive Grants for Local Delinquency Prevention Programs. 1997, NCJ 165694 (100 pp.).

Allegheny County, PA: Mobilizing To Reduce Juvenile Crime. 1997, NCJ 165693 (12 pp.).

Combating Violence and Delinquency: The National Juvenile Justice Action Plan (Report). 1996, NCJ 157106 (200 pp.).

Combating Violence and Delinquency: The National Juvenile Justice Action Plan (Summary). 1996, NCJ 157105 (36 pp.).

Communities Working Together Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 160946 (120 min.), $17.00.

Keeping Young People in School: Community Programs That Work. 1997, NCJ 162783 (12 pp.).

Mentoring -- A Proven Delinquency Prevention Strategy. 1997, NCJ 164834 (8 pp.).

Mentoring for Youth in Schools and Communities Teleconference (Video). 1997, NCJ 166376 (120 min.), $17.00

Mobilizing Communities To Prevent Juvenile Crime. 1997, NCJ 165928 (8 pp.).

Reaching Out to Youth Out of the Education Mainstream. 1997, NCJ 163920 (12 pp.).

Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders. 1998, NCJ 170027 (8 pp.).

Treating Serious Anti-Social Behavior in Youth: The MST Approach. 1997, NCJ 165151 (8 pp.).

Youth Out of the Education Mainstream Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 163386 (120 min.), $17.00.

Youth-Oriented Community Policing Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 160947 (120 min.), $17.00.


1995 National Youth Gang Survey. 1997, NCJ 164728 (41 pp.).

Gang Members and Delinquent Behavior. 1997, NCJ 165154 (6 pp.).

Youth Gangs in America Teleconference (Video). 1997, NCJ 164937 (120 min.), $17.00.

General Juvenile Justice

Comprehensive Juvenile Justice in State Legislatures Teleconference (Video). 1998, NCJ 169593 (120 min.), $17.00.

Guidelines for the Screening of Persons Working With Children, the Elderly, and Individuals With Disabilities in Need of Support. 1998, NCJ 167248 (52 pp.).

Juvenile Justice, Volume III, Number 2. 1997, NCJ 165925 (32 pp.).

Juvenile Justice, Volume IV, Number 2. 1997, NCJ 166823 (28 pp.).

Juvenile Justice, Volume V, Number 1. 1998, NCJ 170025 (32 pp.).

Juvenile Justice Reform Initiatives in the States 1994-1996. 1997, NCJ 165697 (81 pp.).

A Juvenile Justice System for the 21st Century. 1998, NCJ 169726 (8 pp.).

Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1997 Update on Violence. 1997, NCJ 165703 (32 pp.).

Juvenile Offenders and Victims: A National Report. 1995, NCJ 153569 (188 pp.).

Sharing Information: A Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Participation in Juvenile Justice Programs. 1997, NCJ 163705 (52 pp.).

Missing and Exploited Children

Court Appointed Special Advocates: A Voice for Abused and Neglected Children in Court. 1997, NCJ 164512 (4 pp.).

Federal Resources on Missing and Exploited Children: A Directory for Law Enforcement and Other Public and Private Agencies. 1997, NCJ 168962 (156 pp.).

In the Wake of Childhood Maltreatment. 1997, NCJ 165257 (16 pp.).

Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse: An Overview. 1997, NCJ 165153 (8 pp.).

When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide. 1998, NCJ 170022 (96 pp.).

Status Offenders

Curfew: An Answer to Juvenile Delinquency and Victimization? 1996, NCJ 159533 (12 pp.).

Truancy: First Step to a Lifetime of Problems. 1996, NCJ 161958 (8 pp.).

Substance Abuse

Beyond the Bench: How Judges Can Help Reduce Juvenile DUI and Alcohol and Other Drug Violations (Video and discussion guide). 1996, NCJ 162357 (16 min.), $17.00.

Capacity Building for Juvenile Substance Abuse Treatment. 1997, NCJ 167251 (12 pp.).

Drug Identification and Testing in the Juvenile Justice System. 1998, NCJ 167889 (92 pp.).

Juvenile Offenders and Drug Treatment: Promising Approaches Teleconference (Video). 1997, NCJ 168617 (120 min.), $17.00.

Preventing Drug Abuse Among Youth Teleconference (Video). 1997, NCJ 165583 (120 min.), $17.00.

Violence and Victimization

Child Development -- Community Policing: Partnership in a Climate of Violence. 1997, NCJ 164380 (8 pp.).

Combating Fear and Restoring Safety in Schools. 1998, NCJ 167888 (16 pp.).

Conflict Resolution Education: A Guide to Implementing Programs in Schools, Youth-Serving Organizations, and Community and Juvenile Justice Settings. 1996, NCJ 160935 (134 pp.).

Conflict Resolution for Youth Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 161416 (150 min.), $17.00.

Developmental Pathways in Boys Disruptive and Delinquent Behavior. 1997, NCJ 165692 (20 pp.).

Epidemiology of Serious Violence. 1997, NCJ 165152 (12 pp.).

Guide for Implementing the Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders. 1995, NCJ 153571 (6 pp.).

Reducing Youth Gun Violence Teleconference (Video). 1996, NCJ 162421 (120 min.), $17.00.

Youth in Action

Planning a Successful Crime Prevention Project. 1998, NCJ 170024 (28 pp.).


The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Brochure (1996, NCJ 144527 (23 pp.)) offers more information about the agency.

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