Comprehensive Gang Strategy Research

The Research Division is currently evaluating OJJDP's demonstration initiative, the Comprehensive Community-Wide Approach to Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression Program, which is being implemented in five jurisdictions: Bloomington, IL; Mesa, AZ; Riverside, CA; San Antonio, TX; and Tucson, AZ.

This evaluation is testing a community-based model that coordinates services (social, academic, vocational, law enforcement) to prevent youth involvement in gangs, intervene with gang-involved juveniles, and suppress the criminal impact of gangs.

Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community-Wide Approach to Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression: The Five Strategies

Community Mobilization: Organizing and maintaining an interactive group of citywide and local agencies, community organizations, groups, and residents, including former gang members, to develop a coordinated policy and program approach to the juvenile gang problem.

Social Intervention: Reaching out and contacting gang youth, those at high risk of gang involvement, and their families to deliver social services. This is accomplished with the collaboration of local citizens, schools, and agencies including criminal justice, employment, and social services.

Opportunities Provision: Providing employment, training, and educational opportunities and cultural enrichment programs directed to gang youth and youth at high risk of gang membership.

Suppression: Holding juveniles accountable for their crimes and misbehavior in accordance with law, social policy, and the interests of the community.

Organizational Change and Development: Modifying and developing agency and community policies and practices that facilitate effective implementation of the first four strategies and that enhance the community's capacity specifically to prevent and reduce the juvenile gang problem.

OJJDP Research: Making a Difference for Juveniles August 1999