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Fairbanks, Alaska

Diineegwashii, funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, is a substance-abuse prevention program targeting Alaska Native girls. The philosophy is based on native cultural values, and most staff members (89 percent) are American Indian or Alaska Native. The program uses home visits and case management to strengthen bonds between the adolescent girl and her family and confront profound risk factors facing many Alaska Native girls (teen pregnancy rate of 20 percent for Alaska Native girls ages 15 to 19; school dropout rate of 12.6 percent; high incidence of sexual and/or physical abuse, substance abuse, runaways). Home visits teach life skills, cultural awareness, and family management skills to teen girls and their mothers. The program also includes field trips, success ceremonies, and family and community gatherings. During the program's first four years, none of the 77 girls enrolled became pregnant; only 2.5 percent dropped out of school; substance abuse dropped significantly; and girls and their parents accomplished important personal goals.

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October 1998