III. Concentration of Federal Efforts

4. Improved Information Sharing among Federal Agencies

In line with the Coordinating Council's goal to improve the coordination and efficiency of information dissemination, OJJDP is working with the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention to establish a relational database, available through the Internet, that will store information on existing Federal programs supporting crime prevention and youth development. Originally, this system was conceived as a resource for OJJDP, allowing the Office to access data and other information critical to the Congressionally mandated Delinquency Development Statements. Over time, however, the concept evolved to include the long-term goal of creating an Internet-based resource for all Federallysponsored programs.

Providing this information through the Internet will promote:

  • Efficient identification, coordination, tracking and reporting of Federal initiatives.

  • Interagency collaboration and reduction in duplication of program efforts.

  • Increased accessibility and coordination of Federal resources by local communities.

  • Increased access of service providers and local communities to information regarding other projects in their geographic and/or subject area.

With the development of this system, accurate and timely information about community-based, Federally sponsored programs will be available to the public and Federal, State, and local government agencies.

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1997 Report to Congress: Title V Incentive Grants for Local Delinquency Prevention Programs