Review and Summary of the Success Cycle

These five groups of questions are a quick review of the steps of the Success Cycle as described in this Bulletin. Refer to them as often as you need to while you are planning your project. The last worksheet in this Bulletin -- "Worksheet 6: Summarizing the Plan" -- will help you summarize and consolidate all the steps of your plan.

Assessing Your Community's Needs

bullet What is your target community?
bullet What are some key facts about that community?
bullet What are some of the problems in the community?
bullet What are some ways to address those problems?
bullet What assets can your group offer?
bullet What other kind of help might be needed?
bullet What would you like to do to help?

Planning a Successful Project

bullet What will your project do?
bullet What changes should, or could, come about because of your project?
bullet What are your goals, objectives, and strategies?
bullet What are the steps for getting started?
bullet Whose approval must be obtained?
bullet Who should be involved in planning, reviewing, and performing the tasks?
bullet What are the major obstacles you expect to face? How will you overcome them?
bullet What group weaknesses will need to be addressed to perform the project?
bullet How long will the project take? Can it be broken into several shorter projects or separate phases?
bullet How will you get the project back on track if it gets off track or delayed?
bullet How will you know whether your project has been successful?
bullet How will you thank workers and celebrate success?

Lining Up Resources

bullet What specific talents do members of the group bring to the project?
bullet What other help must be provided -- goods, services, people, money?
bullet Who will act as recordkeeper and treasurer?
bullet Who might want to help? Who else shares an interest in solving this problem (e.g., civic groups, businesses, nonprofits)?
bullet What are the best ways to recruit the help you need?
bullet What can be done to build the group into a team?

Acting on Your Plan

bullet What are the tasks to be performed?
bullet In what order should they be done?
bullet Who will handle problems that may arise?
bullet What kind of training is needed? Who will receive training?
bullet Who (including youth) can provide training?
bullet What will you do to keep and build on participants' enthusiasm?
bullet How can you be sure you are using your resources efficiently?

Nurturing, Monitoring, and Evaluating

bullet What indicators will you use to measure the success of your project? How will the indicators be measured (e.g., data, charts, graphs)?
bullet How will you ensure that the project results in a quality product?
bullet What information should be collected, who should collect it, and how frequently should it be obtained?
bullet How will any needed "midcourse" corrections be made?
bullet What do participants -- workers and those who benefit -- think of the project?
bullet What would have happened if your group had not done the project?
bullet How can you find out about stories of success in your project?
bullet How can volunteers best be recognized individually? As a group?

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Youth In Action Bulletin April 1998   black   Number 01