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Series: Child Delinquency Series
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Child Delinquency: Early Intervention and PreventionTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Child Delinquency Series. Presents valuable information on the nature of child delinquency and describes early intervention and prevention programs that effectively reduce delinquent behavior. May 2003. 20 pages. NCJ 186162
Risk and Protective Factors of Child DelinquencyTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Child Delinquency Series. Focuses on four types of risk and protective factors: individual, family, peer, and school and community. April 2003. 16 pages. NCJ 193409
Treatment, Services, and Intervention Programs for Child DelinquentsTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Child Delinquency Series. Examines various treatments, services, and intervention programs designed to mitigate the disruptive behavior of child delinquents (offenders younger than age 13). March 2003. 16 pages. NCJ 193410
Prevalence and Development of Child DelinquencyTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Child Delinquency Series. Provides information on very young offenders (those between the ages of 7 and 12) who become involved with the juvenile justice system. March 2003. 8 pages. NCJ 193411