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A Judicial Conversation on Emerging Evidentiary Issues and Alcohol (Webinar)
11/13/2014 - 11/13/2014
Online Event
3:00-4:00 p.m. ET, Satellite/Web Based
Event Contact:
Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center
Sponsoring Organization(s):
Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center
Additional Information:
Depending on the state's laws, underage drinking offenses may be referred to a number of courts including juvenile court, traffic court, criminal court, or family court, depending on the offense. Over time many states have adopted changes in state law enabling law enforcement to charge minors based officer observations, and theories of constructive possession. As these underage drinking cases are brought forward the courts are also asked to accept the results of fuel cell developed evidence of the offense. Results from electronic identification scanners, portable breath test devices, and passive alcohol sensing devices may or may not be admissible in some courts. This program will discuss some of evidentiary issues the courts are finding on the issue of underage drinking and our panel of judges will offer their perspective on how their courts look at this topic.