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     OJJDP FY 2018 Awards
Graphic shares that OJJDP funded $296,322,376 in a total of 308 grant awards.
View highlights of select discretionary grants in the OJJDP Fiscal Year 2018 Awards infographic.

In fiscal year (FY) 2018, OJJDP awarded $296,322,376 in grants to support programs, research, training and technical assistance, and information dissemination activities that enhance public safety, ensure young offenders are held appropriately accountable, and empower youth to live productive, lawabiding lives.

The 308 awards were made through discretionary and formula grant funding. Information about these awards is available below.

Formula Grants

Funding through formula grants is available to states and territories through the state agency designated by the Governor. Juvenile Justice Specialists in each state administer the funding through subgrants to units of local government, local private agencies, and American Indian/Alaska Native jurisdictions for programs in accordance with legislative requirements. In FY 2018, OJJDP awarded $43,110,312 under the following formula grant programs:

Discretionary Grants

OJJDP awards discretionary grants to states, units of local government, and private organizations to administer programs. During FY 2018, OJJDP awarded $253,212,064 across 242 discretionary awards through the following programs:

OJJDP Research Awards Managed by NIJ

In October 2018, OJJDP's juvenile justice research program moved to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). This move consolidated all Office of Justice Programs' research activities under a single agency to improve efficiency and coordination and to take advantage of NIJ's infrastructure, processes, and experience managing justice system research projects. All research grants awarded by OJJDP in FY 2018 as well as ongoing research, evaluation, and statistical data collection projects are now being managed by NIJ. The following is a list of FY 2018 OJJDP awards now managed in NIJ:

  • Evaluation of Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Training (1 awards)
  • Family Drug Court Research and Evaluation Program* (2 awards)
    • National Study of Family Treatment Court Best Practices, Outcomes, and Costs, 2018-DC-BX-0056
    • Oklahoma Multi-Site Family Drug Court Model Standards Study (OKMSS), 2018-DC-BX-0007
  • Initiative To Develop a Research-Based Practice Guide To Prevent and Reduce Youth Violence in Communities (1 award)
  • Juvenile Reentry Research and Evaluation Program* (1 award)
  • Law Enforcement-Youth Field Initiated Research and Evaluation Program (1 award)
  • Mentoring Research Partners Program (1 award)
  • National Juvenile Court Data Archive (1 award)
  • Redesign Study of OJJDP's Juveniles in Corrections Data Collections (1 award)
  • Research Invited Applications (3 awards)
    • Evaluating a Cognitive Behavioral Approach for Improving Life Outcomes of Underserved young Women: A Randomized Experiment in Chicago, 2016-JU-FX-0002
    • Cognitive Behavioral Mentoring: Investigation of Research-Informed Enhancements to Program Practices, 2016-JU-FX-0001
    • National Juvenile Justice Data Analysis Program, 2016-JF-FX-K001
  • Note: *These awards include prior year funds and/or funds transferred from other bureaus and agencies


    OJJDP Grants Awarded in Fiscal Year 2018, by State and Territory shows on a map how many awards were made in each state and territory. This information is also shared via the OJP Grant Awards Advanced Search.

    For a full listing of OJJDP grant awards by state/territory, county, or congressional district visit the OJP Grant Awards Advanced Search webpage.