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Performance Measures

Logic Models

Logic model safe play sampleDeveloping a logic model is a useful way to illustrate how a project's performance measures are related to its specific problems, goals and objectives, and design. OJJDP's grant solicitations include logic models that are specific to the grant program. Some solicitations have multiple logic models to address different activities or focus areas. OJJDP logic models are designed to help applicants select the most relevant performance measures for their program. By comparing the applicant's logic model with OJJDP's logic model for the program under which the application is being made, the applicant can:

  • ensure that the applicant's goals correspond with OJJDP's.
  • determine the federal program area, purpose area, or other subcategory to which the applicant's program should be assigned.
  • select indicators that will provide useful performance data for the applicant's program.

Click on the links below for tools to help you develop your own project logic model. For logic models specific to each OJJDP grant program go the Performance Measures by Program section of this website.

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