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    Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program
JABG Publications

OJJDP provides a variety of publications addressing JABG program and policy matters, administrative issues, best practices, and other topics:

  • Best Practices Bulletin Series. This series is designed to present the most up-to-date knowledge on accountability-based programs and practices to juvenile justice policymakers, researchers, and practitioners. Bulletins in the series address each of the 12 JAIBG purpose areas. The series also includes an overview Bulletin, which provides background information and highlights from the other publications in the series.

  • Curriculum Guides. The JABG program provides high-quality, meaningful, and professional training to assist in the development and improvement of accountability-based programs for juveniles. Each training program is specifically developed to address the concerns, issues, and needs that are important to the states and units of local government receiving JABG funds. The curriculum guides provide information from recent training sessions.

  • Technical Assistance Resource Guides. The Technical Assistance Resource Guides provide practitioners with publications to review for specific solutions to difficult delinquency problems, examples of promising programs in the field, and organizations that can be accessed for additional information.

  • Other publications. Other publications include guidance tools, fact sheets, and special reports.
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