May | June 2013

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Robert L. Listenbee, a highly respected public defender and juvenile justice system reformer, was appointed to the position of OJJDP Administrator by President Barack Obama in February 2013 and was sworn in to the position on March 25, 2013. Before his appointment, Mr. Listenbee was chief of the Juvenile Unit of the Defender Association of Philadelphia for 16 years and a trial lawyer with the association for 27 years. Following are excerpts from an OJJDP News @ a Glance interview with Listenbee about his priorities for OJJDP and the juvenile justice field.

Did you know?
National Missing Children’s Day is commemorated each year on May 25. Many of OJJDP’s resource guides for families of missing and abducted children, including What About Me? Coping With the Abduction of a Brother or Sister, are available in
Spanish as well as
English. The guides
contain firsthand
accounts from
former abduction
victims and
families and are intended
to provide help and
support to families in
similar situations.
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