November | December 2013

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On December 9, 2013, a new task force advisory committee appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder held the first of four public hearings to examine the impact of violence on children in Indian country. The hearing was held in Bismarck, ND.

The Task Force on American Indian/Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence is composed of a federal working group that includes U.S. Attorneys and officials from the U.S. Departments of Justice and the Interior and an advisory committee of experts in American Indian/Alaska Native studies, child health and trauma, and child welfare.  

Did you know?

November was National Native American Heritage Month. At the White House Tribal Nations Conference on November 13, 2013, President Obama reaffirmed his Administration's commitment to supporting tribal communities by standing up for
justice and tribal
expanding quality health care, and protecting
native homelands.

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OJJDP envisions a nation where our children are healthy, educated, and free from violence. If they come into contact with the juvenile justice system, the contact should be rare, fair, and beneficial to them.
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