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Recent data changes

During the last 2 data years, the National Juvenile Court Data Archive project has undergone significant data improvements:

March 2018

In preparing the 2015 estimates, the project improved the coverage of detention data used to generate national estimates. As a result of this change, detention data prior to 2005 is no longer compatible with data for 2005 and later. Several data presentations within this application have been modified to account for this change. Specifically, the tables available from the "Demographics" and "Case Processing" sections have been modified to display detention information for the 2005-present data period.

Users interested in detention information prior to 2005 should contact the National Juvenile Court Data Archive [].

March 2017

With the release of the 2014 data in March 2017, detailed race estimates developed by the National Juvenile Court Data Archive project were expanded to include estimates for cases involving Hispanic youth for data years 2005-2014. This change had an impact on certain data displays available in this application. Visit the Changes to race coding section of the methods page for more information.