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Series: Pathways to Desistance
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Studying Deterrence Among High-Risk AdolescentsTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Pathways to Desistance. In this bulletin, the authors present some key findings on the link between perceptions of the threat of sanctions and deterrence from crime among adolescents who have committed serious offenses. August 2015. 16 pages. NCJ 248617
Psychosocial Maturity and Desistance From Crime in a Sample of Serious Juvenile OffendersTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Pathways to Desistance. This bulletin presents key findings on the link between psychosocial maturity and desistance from crime in males in the Pathways to Desistance study, which followed more than 1,300 adolescents for 7 years following their convictions as they transitioned from mid-adolescence to early adulthood (ages 1425). March 2015. 12 pages. NCJ 248391
Behavioral Health Problems, Treatment, and Outcomes in Serious Youthful OffendersTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, . Pathways to Desistance. Presents findings from the Pathways to Desistance study on the overlap between behavioral health problems and the risk of future offending as well as the delivery of mental health services to young offenders in institutions and in the community after release. June 2014. 16 pages. NCJ 242440
Transfer of Juveniles to Adult Court: Effects of a Broad Policy in One CourtTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Pathways to Desistance. Presents findings from the Pathways to Desistance study about the effects of transfer on a sample of serious adolescent offenders in Maricopa County, AZ. December 2012. 20 pages. NCJ 232932
Highlights From Pathways to Desistance: A Longitudinal Study of Serious Adolescent OffendersTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Fact Sheet. Pathways to Desistance. Presents an overview of some major findings from the Pathways to Desistance Study, a project that followed 1,354 serious adolescent offenders for 7 years following their convictions. March 2011. 4 pages. NCJ 230971
Substance Use and Delinquent Behavior Among Serious Adolescent OffendersTop  
 OJJDP-Produced, Bulletin. Pathways to Desistance. Part of the Pathways to Desistance Study series, this bulletin presents some key findings on the link between adolescent substance use and serious offending. December 2010. 16 pages. NCJ 232790