The Coach's Playbook Against Drugs
Student's Pledge

As an athlete, I agree to abide by all rules regarding the use of drugs. I understand that drug addiction is a disease and, even though it may be treatable, it has serious physical and emotional effects -- effects that would hurt me, my family, my team, and my school. Given the serious dangers of drug use, I accept and pledge to follow all rules and laws established by my school, team, and community regarding the use of drugs. These include the rules listed in my school's student and athletic handbooks and any other rules established by my coach.

To demonstrate my support, I pledge to:

  1. Support my fellow students by setting an example and abstaining from the use of illegal drugs.

  2. Avoid enabling any of my fellow students or teammates who use these substances. I will not cover up or lie for them if any rules are broken. I will hold my fellow students and teammates fully responsible and accountable for their actions.

  3. Seek information and assistance in dealing with my own or other students' problems relating to drugs.

  4. Be honest and open with my parents or guardians about my feelings and problems.

  5. Be honest and open with my coach and other school or community personnel.

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** PARENTS OR GUARDIANS: We ask that you co-sign this pledge to show your support.

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