May | June 2018

New Publications

All OJJDP publications may be viewed and downloaded on the publications section of the OJJDP website. Print publications may be ordered online at the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website.

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Reentry Starts Here: A Guide for Youth in Long-Term Juvenile Corrections and Treatment Programs
OJJDP produced this guide to help youth and their families plan and prepare for reentry so the youth go on to live productive and crime-free lives. The guide is divided into two sections. Part one outlines steps youth can take to plan for reentry while they are in placement (e.g., building a reentry team, developing a plan with the team, getting help from lawyers and mentors, connecting with support services, and planning ahead for school and work). Part two outlines steps youth can take to be successful upon return to their communities (e.g., using all available social and medical services, following all probation order/parole agreement requirements and conditions, completing school, and getting a job and managing money).

A Law Enforcement Guide on International Parental Kidnapping
OJJDP developed this guide to help local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities successfully investigate international parental kidnapping cases. In addition to offering suggestions to prevent international child kidnappings by family members, the guide describes the role of law enforcement as the initial responder and investigator; discusses applicable laws, treaties, and legal remedies for child recovery and reunification; and outlines considerations for criminal prosecution and extradition of offenders.