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Frequently Asked Questions for Performance Data Submission

While your OJJDP grant manager or State Representative should be your primary contact, answers to some common questions are presented below:



How does OJJDP verify the performance measures data reported by grantees?

Currently, there are some PMT system-level data validation and verification checks in place. In addition, OJJDP conducts reviews of the aggregate data findings and grantee level data reports for any obvious errors or inconsistencies.


What is the difference between the GMS and the Performance Measurement Tool (PMT) systems?

The PMT is designed to help you compile your performance data and make sure it is in the correct format for submission to OJJDP through the GMS system.


Once I finish the data report am I done?

No, you must create a Performance Data Report in PMT for each active award, save that report to your hard drive or network, then upload that report into GMS to submit with your semi-annual narrative report.


Do I have to report performance data? The GMS system says there are no performance metrics required.

Yes. Please review your grant requirements including any special conditions or speak with your OJJDP grant manager if you are unsure about your performance reporting requirements.


My program was not operational during the reporting period. Do I need to report?

Yes. Use the PMT system to enter profile and award information. Respond “no” to the question “Was the project operational during the reporting period? “ on the Award Information screen. Then create your Performance Data Report for submission to OJJDP through the GMS.


I was not able to gather data for all measures. Should I report zeros?

Yes. If your program was operational during any part of the reporting period, you must report performance data. If you do not have data or selected mandatory indicators do not apply to you, please report zeros.


For additional questions regarding the Performance Measurement Tool contact the PMT Help Desk at
ojjdppmt@usdoj.gov or call the technical assistance hotline at 866–487–0512.

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